Old Photos from long ago

I’ve received a further photo from Alan Brown of the station crew during his fathers time as Sub Officer. The Fire Fighter on the far right is Frank Coker, its one of the few pictures we have of Frank who by rights should be in the Long Service Medal page with a photo. If you have a better photo of Frank please let me know through the comments option at the bottom of the page.



3rd of March 2013

I wrote an Email to Ken asking whether he, Les, George and Bill were related and what role he played in Yelverton Fire Service, here’s his reply.

My Father, usually known as George, R G Andrews, his Brother Bill and of course Les, my Brother. Syd Dawe in one or more photos was our Uncle on Mothers side.

Yes I was a messenger at Yelverton, with Les used to call the guys by riding our bikes ’round, of course we did the closest first! We were issued with Overalls and rubber boots and a wooden box with our number stencilled on to keep them in, I think my number was 556994 or 5. I think I was ’round the station quite early and remember the building of the first two tenders converted from cars 1937 ish or before! To carry ladders and cupboards in which were hoses branch pipes and the usual gear, stand pipes and keys for hydrants. I think the first was used by Yelverton until the second was built and one was then passed to Bere Alston. We used to collect waste paper and I think this earned cash which was either put on the tea fund or towards paint etc. for the tenders. Lots of dances were organised and these ‘funds’ were put in the Fire Service benevolent fund. I think I must have left about

1943-4 as I joined RN in August 1944. Those were the days, Fred, I so often think of these guys – some of which are named in the photos. Horace Hocking’s wife, Bessie we corresponded with almost ’till she died, I guess that their daughter I think – Evonne could still be living at Horrabridge.

Of course we knew the Price Family very well.

Enough of this, I seemed to have drifted a bit here.

Trust the Dousland photos attached will be of interest to you and maybe others.

Cheers for now,


I have included the photos Ken sent below.

Dream Tor Dousland 1937

Dream Tor Dousland 1937

19th of February 2013

Ken Andrews has sent in the following photos

Old photo 3

Ken has identified some of the crew

L-R front row

Les Andrews, Onknown, Syd Dawe, Bill Andrews, George Andrews, Tom Jeffery, Back Row Eric, Wherry

Old photo 2

Ken says this is the trailer pump crew

L – R

Bill Hobbs, George Andrews, Unknown, Unknown, H. Hocking ( at Pump), Unknown, Unknown, Ton Jeffery

Old photo 1

Ken says this is of C.C. Cooper Divisional Commander (SC) Special Constabulary with RG Andrews, Mr Paddon, H. Yard and H. Hocking,

24th of July 2012

Aaron found some more  photos, I think these are from when the fire station was at Leg O Mutton.

Ken Andrews has Emailed me, he’s pretty sure the two cyclists are R.G. (George) Andrews and Bill Andrews if you can identify anyone else please email me. Young lads were used to alert the fire men before the modern alerters were introduced.

19th of July 2012

FF Aaron Worth found these pictures of Yelverton’s appliance at Meavy Oak. Not sure when but the yellow leggings certainly make it  pre 1995.

2nd of September 2011

I’ve received some additional photos which I have shown below. Can you help Identifying them?

Do you recognise any of these men? Do you know any of these men

I think the Firemen on the left were receiving an award, possibly the long Sevice Good Conduct medal. Do you know them?

This was probably taken during the war, do you remember the incident? Do you know any of the fire Fighters?

This photo was taken at the old Yelverton Fire Station Site in Westella Rd

Do you recognise any of these Firemen? The picture was taken at  Yelverton Fire Station  but I don’t know when. I have been given the names of these firemen. They are, from left to right. Bert Bickford, Roy Price, Arthur Medland, Horace Hocking, Tom Geoffrey, Les Perkins, Ron Price and Vic George. Apologies if I have spelt the names incorrectly.

Do you know where or when this photo was taken? Do you know any of the people in it?

After reading an article in the Tavistock Times about old photos of the area I contacted the author Kevin Dickens and he sent me a small catalogue of old photos featuring Yelverton Fire Station and crew. I am hoping to add to the collection so if you have any photos please send them to me at fglanville@dsfire.gov.uk  likewise, if you have any knowledge of the circumstances the photos were taken or the identity of the persons in them please drop me a line.

Thanks to John Sowden I now know the personnel pictured. They are, from left to right, Roy Poulter, Don Soper, Brian Brown, Jock Mooney, John Sowden, Ian Hawes, Peter Price, Roy Stacey, Mike Glynn and Peter Brown. The occasion was the delivery of the new appliance around 1973.

This is a picture of Nicola and Steven Brown taken at a Jumble sale at the fire station in 1979

I’m not sure what event this was or the year but I recognise some of the faces. Can you help identify the event and year?

This photo was taken at the “Fire Fare” in 1970 in the Station yard. Whose the young fireman?

This was also taken at the Fire Fare in 1970 I think I know who the two young firemen are, do you?

I think this is a photo of Les Andrews retirement presentation in 1968.

and this is definately a picture of Les Andrews receiving a presentation Barometer on the event of his retirement.

This is another photo from the Fire Fare in 1970. Any idea who the young firemen were in this photo?



  1. Those are some great pics. The one of the aircraft crash shows the engine of a Fleet Air Arm de Havilland Sea Hornet or possibly a Westland Welkin which would make this picture post-war, perhaps in the late 50’s?

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