Community Fire Safety

Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue have a continuing commitment to reducing fire deaths in the home, part of that initiative is “Home Fire Safety Visits” . These visits are FREE, and the house holder is under no legal obligation to follow any of the advice given.

Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue no longer provide home fire safety visits in the same way they did previously. As a result of the Government cuts to address the Nation debt, DSFRS now prioritises funds and services to those in the community that are most vulnerable. Most of our referrals will, in future, come from other services such as the Health Service, Social Services and organisations such as Age Concern. The service will still visit homes to give advice and fit free smoke alarms but in a more targeted way. We never cold call, we always come by appointment. Once at your house the fire personnel will ask various questions and ask to tour the house to spot any potential hazards. They will complete an assessment form as they go and will give advice where necessary. If required they will fit FREE smoke alarms. The visit normally lasts about 45 minutes.

To nominate yourself or an acquaintance for a visit call Freephone 0800 7311 822

or text your request to

Text info line 078 0000 2476

or go to


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