Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | June 20, 2016

Fire Call, 4th of June, Carbon Monoxide Alarm, Bere Alston

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At 15:47 on the 4th of June, Yelverton appliance was called to a Carbon Monoxide Alarm at an address at Bere Alston. On arrival the crew found an elderly lady in the garden of a house with the Carbon Monoxide alarm outside to!!! The lady had taken it outside to silence it and had been in and out of the house!! All the windows and doors were wide open and the lady explained that the only thing active in the house was her Rayburn solid fuel cooker which she had closed down to put it out. Using our CO monitor we checked the property but were unable to get a reading anywhere. We advised the lady to get her rayburn serviced and the chimney swept and left her with her son to sort it out. CO is colourless, odourless and it doesn’t cause any chocking or gasping for breath!!! It is truly a silent killer!! If you have a gas boiler, solid fuel fire or cooker you need a CO alarm. Despite the woman’s attempts to silence it, it probably saved her life. CO alarms are available at all DIY stores and are roughly the same price as a smoke alarm. If the alarm goes off get yourself any anyone else in the property out, dont worry about venting the house we’ll do that in Breathing Apparatus.

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