Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | March 14, 2016

Fire Call, 11th of March, RTC, Princetown

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At 06:35 on the 11th of March, appliance from Tavistock and Yelverton were called to an RTC at Princetown. Tavistock arrived at the scene first and quickly established everyone was out of the vehicle. Yelverton crew arrived and helped roll the vehicle off its roof onto all four wheels  with a tirfor winch.

Tavistock arrived at the scene first because the caller put the incident on the Postbridge road from Twobridges, The correct location was on the Ashburton road from Twobridges. On this occasion it didn’t make a lot of difference as all the people were out of the vehicle but in a persons reported scenario every second counts and wasting time searching for the accident could be vital. If you have to call in an accident make sure you explain fully where you are and use land marks to assist us to locate you. I have included a photo




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