Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | February 21, 2016

Fire Call, 18th of February, Electrical Fire, Meavy

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At 05:19 on the 18th of February, appliances from Princetown, Crownhill and Yelverton were called to an electrical fire at a house at Meavy. Yelverton arrived at the scene first and quickly established the fire was in the town fuse which was shorting out. With no immediate danger to the property or residents the crew stood all on coming appliances down and “made up” for the electricity board to turn out. The crew then stood by with dry powder extinguishers in case the fire began to escalate until SWEB arrived and isolated the supply to the house. Once the supply was isolated we returned home station.

Electricity works to its own master and the town fuse obviously decided 05:00 am was the time to go into melt down a phenominum we cannot predict or control. On this occasion the trusty smoke alarm alerted the residents to the fire and earned it cost several times over. If you don’t have a smoke alarm or feel you would benefit from advice from the Fire Service about home fire prevention you can contact the fire safety department on 01752 333600




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