Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | February 1, 2016

Fire Call, 16th of January, RTC , Meavy Ford.

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At 08:36 on the 16th of January, Yelverton appliance was called to an RTC at the road up onto the moor at Meavy Ford. After the call the night before the crew took both the appliance and the 4×4 and approached from the higher side. On arrival the 4×4 went to investigate and found a vehicle that had slipped on the ice and, after colliding with the hedge had rolled onto its side. Everyone was accounted for and no one was hurt so the crew made the vehicle safe before a passing tractor driver rolled the car back onto all four wheels.

We haven’t had much frost and ice this year thankfully. This particular stretch of road down to Meavy Ford is particularly dangerous in icy conditions as it is so steep and should be avoided if possible during adverse conditions.

RTC Higher Meavy Bridge


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