Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | December 20, 2015

Fire Call, 19th of December, Tumble drier fire, Tavistock

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At 01:42!! on the 19th of December, appliances from Tavistock and Yelverton were called to a tumble drier fire at an address at Tavistock. Tavistock arrived at the scene first and found an address smoke logged with the occupants outside. They deployed two BA wearers into the property and removed a tumble drier that had caught fire. On our arrival Yelverton crew provided positive pressure ventilation to clear the property of smoke.

We are not sure how the fire started but as a rule of thumb don’t leave Dish Washers, Washing machines, Tumble driers etc running when you go to bed or leave the house. Best practise is to turn appliances that you are not using off at the switch on the wall not just at the appliance, that includes televisions!!

I’ve included a photo





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