Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | November 8, 2015

Fire Call, 25th of October, Chimney Fire, Horrabridge.

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At 09:12 on the 25th of October, Yelverton appliance was called to a chimney fire at an address in Horrabridge. On arrival the crew found a woodburner in situ with a chimney fire still going in the chimney. The crew put the woodburner out and removed it from the hearth to access the chimney, they then used the chimney rods with the sprinkler head to extinguish the fire.

The chimney was still hot on the thermal imaging camera so the crew booked a revisit at 13:00 to make sure the fire was out. When they revisited the chimney had cooled sufficiently for a stop message to go back to control.

If you have a woodburner, burn well seasoned wood and have your chimney swept at least once a year generally just before you light it for the first time in the autumn. If you are unfortunate and have a chimney fire, always call the fire brigade and then, if you feel confident to do so, use a dust pan brush to flick water to extinguish the fire in the woodburner. This achieves two things, it puts the fire in the woodburner out reducing the heat up the chimney and sends steam up the chimney to slow the fire. Remember, water expands 1000 fold when it turns to steam!! if you over use the water you will get scalded.

I have included some photos.






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