Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | October 22, 2015

Fire Call, 21st of October, House Fire, Bere Alston,

Currently we get little feed back from people reading the blog. If you have any questions, suggestions or comments please use the facility below.

At 19:02 on the 21st of October, appliances from Bere Alston, Tavistock and Yelverton were called to reported smoke in the roof space at an address at Bere Alston. Bere Alston arrived at the scene first and after some investigation established the alarm had been caused by smoke from a damaged chimney in the attached property percolating through to the ajacent property.

At this time of year fires are being lit for the first time and there is always the risk of chimney fires due to a build up of clinker or birds nesting in the chimneys during the summer. If you’re intending to light a fire for the first time this winter, it pays to get the chimney swept before you use it.



  1. Hi Fred and all at Yelverton you really seemed to have had a good variety of shouts of late, as usual your blog makes very . Interesting reading could I please ask a couple of Questions 1) is your training specific to the location of your station I/e backing up the Plymouth stations, the main Tavistock road, Burrator reservoir, or is your training standard at all stations.
    2) Can the ALP only operate with multi purpose appliance, as I’ve noticed you’ve been a support pump to the ALP several times recently

    Many thanks
    Keep up the good work
    Take care

    • Hi Mark

      Sorry its taken so long to get back to you. Thanks for the questions, the answers are as follows
      1. Our training is partially site specific. We don’t teach maritime fire fighting to stations that will never be called to a maritime incident for example. We are maritime trained at Yelverton as we go to stand by at stations in Plymouth tha do have a maritime risk. In fact we cover most things except perhaps airports for the same reason, stand by at Plymouth.
      2. The ALP needs a dedicated pump to supply water at pressure that can be any pumping appliance.

      Hope that helps


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