Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | June 5, 2015

Fire Call, 26th of May, Chimney Fire, Denham Bridge

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At 21:23 on the 26th of May, Yelverton crew were called to a chimney fire at Denham Bridge. On arrival the crew found a chimney fire that had gone out. The crew removed the fire from the grate and advised the occupier to get the chimney swept before relighting.

To avoid chimney fires, have your chemney swept regularly and burn well seasoned hard wood.

If you have a chimney fire, call the fire brigade and if you think its safe to do so, use a dust pan brush to flick water onto the fire. Remember water expands a thousand fold when it turns to steam!! If you use too much water you will scald yourself!! Use the dustpan brush, this should limit the amount of water you can put on the fire. The steam will go up the chimney and retard the fire until we arrive.


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