Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | March 24, 2015

Fire Call, 19th of March, Chimney Fire, Buckland Monochorum.

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At 19:56 on the 19th of March, Yelverton appliance was called to a chimney fire at Buckland Monochorum. On arrival the crew found a chimney fire all but out. The occupier had extinguished the fire in the grate and had then blocked the chimney to prevent it drawing air. The crew initially used the chimney rods with a sprinkler head to put the fire out but were unable to get them to the top of the chimney. The crew then pitched the 135 ladder and used a hose reel to put water down the chimney very carefully!! and extinguished the fire.

The chimney appeared quite chocked with “clinker” although the occupier regularly swept it! Clinker collects around the sides of the chimney over a period of years and sometime a brush isn’t sufficient to remove it. There are companies that specialise in this type of flue clearing, unfortunately they are not cheap. A good way to avoid the build up of clinker is to burn well seasoned dry hard wood and sweep the chimney regularly.

The first photo is of the top of the chimney, it shows how the “clinker” has chocked the flue!




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