Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | March 24, 2015

Charity Car Wash, 21st of March, St Pauls Church Car Park.

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At 12:00 on the 21st of March, before we had returned from stand by! the residual crew attended St Pauls Church Car Park in V58M1 to start this years charity car wash. They were pleasantly surprised to find a queue waiting patiently for them to turn up! The appliance turned up around 1:00 Oclock and the cars didn’t stop rolling until we called a halt just after 4:00. The weather was glorious and as usual youngsters got out and helped clean the cars and had a look around the fire engine. We all got a little wet but spirits were high and everyone enjoyed the day. Obviously it would have been better if we had won the rugby but you can’t have everything. The support from local people was fantastic, so a big thank you to everyone that turned up. We collected a massive £400.00 that will be split between the Fire Fighters Charity and our chosen charity, the NICU (Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit) at Derriford Hospital. Unfortunately, the camera operator was obviously suffering from fatigue because I could only find one picture that wasn’t blurry that I could publish 🙂




  1. Hi Fred and all at Yelverton
    God that was a long day 0510 until 1600 well done to you all, I should think you all had a lay-in the next day.
    Is that a record for a stand by at a full time station?
    I noticed there was a hose from the back of the appliance and then back into the pump, what is this for?
    Thank you and keep up the good work.
    Take care Mark

    • Hi Mark,
      The car wash was voluntary so technically not part of the stand by. We have been on stand by longer, it depends on the crew, if everyones happy to stay we stay.
      The hose at the back of the pump is put in the let water circulate through the pump and back into the tank to stop the pump overheating.

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