Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | March 13, 2015

Fire Call, 6th of March, Stand By Station 49,

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At 12:21 on the 6th of March, Yelverton appliance was sent to station 49 Crownhill for stand by duties. En Route, at 12:41, they were called to a lift rescue at an address at Stonehouse. On arrival at Stonehouse they found the trapped person had self rescued. The crew made sure the lift was left “Out of Order” and then at 14:00 were called to an Automatic Fire Alarm at Plympton St Maurice. On arrival the crew found the maintenance man had inadvertently set the alarm off when he was swapping detector heads. At 14:22 the crew returned to stand by duties at Crownhill and then at 14:31 they were sent to Station 50 Greenbank to continue on stand by. They finally closed home station at 16:37


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