Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | March 13, 2015

Fire Call, 6th of March, RTC persons, Princetown Rd and Peekhill

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At 00:01 on the 6th of March, Yelverton appliance was called to an RTC near the cattle grid on the B3212 just outside of Dousland on the moor. On arrival the crew found a car that had left the road and hit the hedge with all occupants out of the vehicle. One of the passengers appeared a bit concussed and the crew provided first aid until the ambulance arrived and made the vehicle safe.

The fellow travellers had rescued the passenger and when we arrived he was slumped forward in a sitting position leant against the legs of one of his companions. It is dangerous to leave casualties slumped forward in that manner, the airway can be obstructed and combined with the concussion could lead to the casualty suffocating!!  Strictly speaking it is better to leave them in the car until the ambulance or we arrive just in case they have a spinal injury. Obviously if the car is on fire or presents some sort of danger to the person then get them out. Whether they are in the car or not if they are slumped forward unconcious and have a noisy airway lift the head back to open the airway.













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