Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | March 2, 2015

Fire Call, 27th of February, Relief crew for Thatch fire, Yealmpton

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At 19:43 on the 27th of February, Yelverton appliance was sent as relief crew to a thatch fire at Yealmpton. The incident had been going on for some time, Yelverton crew were deployed as Main Control for BA until it was discontinued and then briefly the OIC found himself OIC for the incident on the night watch. At around 01:00 the incident was scaled down to one appliance and Yelverton went home, they finally closed home station at 02:19! Thatch fires seldom end well and much of the effort from fire personnel is salvaging possessions from the premises before they are damaged by the fire and water.

I’ve added a few photos. The first is Oli straight out of make up. The second is Simon who managed to stay relatively clean. The rest are either during or post fire.































Yealmton Fire 006













Yealmton Fire 013













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