Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | February 22, 2015

Fire Call, 18th of February, RTC, Denham Bridge

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At 13:58 on the 18th of February, appliances from Bere Alston and Yelverton were called to an RTC make safe at Denham Bridge, Buckland Monochorum. Yelverton arrived at the scene moments before Bere Alston, the car was on the Plymouth side in the narrows. The driver was out of the vehicle and a bit shaken, we administered some first aid until the ambulance arrived and as soon as we could release an appliance, Yelverton were stood down as the recovery vehicle needed to approach from the Plymouth side.

As I’ve already said in previous posts we have had a lot of RTC’s in our area so be careful when driving and remember the seasonal additional risks of a low winter sun causing temporary loss of vision and country roads remaining frozen even when the ambient temperature is above freezing when the road is shaded from direct sunlight.

I’ve included some photos



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