Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | February 9, 2015

Fire Call, 7th of February, V58P1, RTC Person reported, A386 Mary Tavy.

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At 12:11 on the 7th of February, both of Tavistock appliances and Yelvertons were called to an RTC persons reported at Mary Tavy. Tavistock arrived at the scene first and identified 4 persons trapped in two cars that had been involved in a 4 car RTC. Crews used hydraulic cutting gear to remove the roof and two rams to push the dash away from the driver of one vehicle, and the second vehicle had the roof removed and the passenger was removed onto a spine board. The air ambulance took one casualty to hospital the second went by road ambulance. Crews worked hard to release the trapped persons and the officer in charge made up for additional personnel and Okehampton crew attended as the “make up”. The hot debrief from the attending Flexi Officer was good and all casualties were removed safely and dispatched to hospital.

We don’t know what caused the accident but there are seasonal hazards drivers should be aware of:

At this time of year the sun is very low and can be blinding on a clear day when driving toward it.

Roads that appear dry and safe on a cold sunny day in the winter can be deceptive. Sections of roads that don’t get direct sunlight can still be icy even when the temperature in the sun seems quite warm.

I’ve included some photos.




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