Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | February 5, 2015

Fire Call, 31st of January, 2 Children stuck in a bedroom, Milton Coombe

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At 20:56 on the 31st of January, Yelverton appliance was called to two children stuck in a bedroom at Milton Coombe. On arrival the crew found two small children stuck in a bedroom with a door latch that wouldn’t fully retract. The crew put up a triple extension ladder, went through the bedroom window and used small tools to force the latch. The children were none the worse for the ordeal but if a similar event happens to you be careful forcing the door. Children stand at the door even if your bashing against it and will get hurt by it unless they are drawn away to the window for example. We couldn’t force it from the landing because of the door jamb.

Milton Coombe is a difficult place for us to negotiate. Due to the narrow lanes and house names not numbers it is very important that callers of the emergency services let us know where they are in the village. For some area we need to come in from the lopwell end and for others we need to come in from the Pub end.


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