Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | January 17, 2015

Fire Call, 14th of January, RTC persons reported, Princetown.

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At 09:33 on the 14th of January, appliances from Tavistock and Yelverton supported by the RTC support appliance at Exeter were called to an RTC persons reported on the road behind Dartmoor Prison. Tavistock arrived at the scene first and found a woman in a 4×4 that had come into collision with an Army truck!! The woman was trapped, crews used the hydraulic cutting gear to flap part of the roof off her, removed the door and used a technique called a dash roll to lift the dash off her. The crew then cut the roof off and the lady was released from the car onto a stretcher. A good performance by both Tavistock and Yelverton crews reflected in the hot debrief by the Flexi Officer that arrived mid incident. It was a difficult extracation and the plan changed several times before we finally released the lady.

The call came in reported as “behind Dartmoor Prison” this could be on one of two roads, the Tavistock to Two Bridges Road or the Yelverton to Two Bridges Road. Fortunately, as appliances from both Yelverton and Tavistock were attending a brief radio conversation ensured we covered both roads until we found the incident. If you are calling an RTC in remember to be as clear as possible about where it is. It helps to tell us the road route for example “the Yelverton to Two Bridges Road or The Tavistock to Plymouth Road” or the road number for example “the A386” and then land mark it for example with “behind the prison” or by the “golf course”



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