Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | December 9, 2014

Fire Call, 5th of December, Carbon Monoxide Alarm, Princetown.

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At 21:53 on the 5th of December, appliances from Princetown, Tavistock and Yelverton were called to a remote address at Princetown to a Carbon Monoxide Alarm sounding. Princetown appliance arrived at the scene first and quickly established the premises had been vented by the caller prior to our arrival. Tavistock carry a gas meter which was used to confirm the premises were clear of gas although initially they still had readings in the bedroom and loft! The caller explained that the log burner had been closed down on the damper in the flue and the doors had been opened to allow more heat into the room. This had caused Carbon Monoxide to leak into the room and eventually trigger the Carbon Monoxide Alarm. At the time it activated the caller said her husband and son were asleep on sofas and she was just dozing off and only just heard the alarm!! A very close call!

Carbon Monoxide it colourless odourless and doesn’t trigger any reaction from the body like choking or breathlessness. The only symptoms are drowsiness and headaches. If you go to sleep in all probability you will die!!

What is not well known is Woodburners are by far one of the most prolific causes of Carbon Monoxide incidents! So, if you have a woodburner, you should have a carbon monoxide alarm, they cost about the same as a smoke alarm and could save your life!!


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