Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | October 21, 2014

Fire Call, 19th of October, Animal Rescue, Cadoverbridge.

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At 15:38 on the 19th of October, Yelverton appliance was called to Cadoverbridge to rescue a sheep caught in a wire fence. The crew followed the river down stream and met the caller who then led the crew to the sheep. The sheep had some how managed to wrap a leg in the wire that had tightened causing a deep bleeding wound. The crew used bolt croppers to free the animal and held it until a farmer arrived who, although it was not his sheep, took it to the owners farm. The callers, Helen and Steve stayed with the sheep throughout and should be commendeed for their actions. As you can see from the photo, James was keen to carry the sheep to the farmers quad, not quite sure what his motive was but “Was it good for Ewe” springs to mind!




  1. Many thanks to you all for helping us with this poor creature. I hope it was a happy outcome! Helen

    • Hi Helen.

      Thanks for the comment, as far as we know the sheep was all ok.


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