Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | October 11, 2014

Fire Call, 26th of September, Stand By station 50 Greenbank and other calls,

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At 15:10 on the 26th of September, Yelverton appliance was sent to station 50 Greenbank for Stand By duties. At 15:23 prior to arriving at greenbank they were sent a carbon monoxide alarm at an address in Plymouth. Carbon monoxide is particularly volatile and poisonous and its potential to explode is often underestimated. its flammable range in air is from 12 – 75 percent!  Fire Service protocols require a cordon and the evacuation of the houses either side with further evacuations dependant on the extent of the gas. On this occasion we used the gas meter from the Cornish appliance that was also on stand by in the city and quickly isolated all the potential CO emitting devices in the house of origin and checked the properties either side for contamination. Satisfied all the properties were clear we returned to stand by at Greenbank at 16:24. At 16:57 we were called to a cat stuck up a tree near Laira. Cats are very rarely stuck up a tree. They are generally not happy about it but will come down eventually when they are hungry. We tried to encourage the cat down with a jet of water but it just climbed higher! Not the behaviour of an animal stuck. Unable to get to the cat we eventually made an agreement for the RSPCA man to call for the turntable ladder if the cat was still there in the morning. As far as I am aware it wasn’t called. At 18:13 we returned to stand by duties and eventually returned home station at 20:15.

The cats in here somewhere hopefully its not still there!





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