Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | September 15, 2014

Fire Call, 13th of September, Large animal Rescue, Dartmoor.

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At 15:25 on the 13th of September, Yelverton appliance and 4X4 along with the specialist Rescue Tender from Camelshead, were called to a foal stuck in the mud on Dartmoor near the Abbotts Way. Calls to open moor are always difficult especially if they are off the beaten track. The caller said the area was behind Sheeps Tor and a telephone call confirmed they had parked at the scout hut, walked up the footpath toward Princetown and then cut across to the Abbotts Way. The foal was in a bog hidden from the path around 200m away! When we arrived at the scene we were lucky enough to bump into Dan Searle and his son, one of the local farming community who had a quad bike. The crews proceed up the path in the 4×4 and the quad bike before leaving the 4×4 and proceeding by foot. Dan and his son found the foal and in all honesty we would have struggled to cover the ground he did on his quad bike, on foot. The foal had been stuck for some time and the mud had become slurry like with the foal struggling to keep its nostrils out of the mud. Its mother had abandoned it and it would have certainly died before the next morning. We managed to grab its mane and pull it out and surprisingly it recovered very quickly. Dan was of the opinion it was a yearling so we were fairly confident it would survive on the moor and it was last seen heading toward a group of ponies.

The caller gave some good directions by telling us how they had accessed the moor and a good description of where they were when they found the foal. They said they were near a small tor and could see the side of Sheeps Tor in the distrance which, with a rough idea of where they were allowed us to focus our search in a much smaller area. We still needed Dans quad bike and local knowledge to find the foal and everyone played their part which had for once a happy outcome. I hope to add some photos when I get them.


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