Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | September 15, 2014

Fire Call, 11th of September, Car Fire, Widecombe

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At 15:28 on the 11th of September, Yelverton appliance was called to a car fire between Princetown and Two Bridges. Having arrived at Two Bridges with no sign of a car fire we rang the caller for more info, he told us the car was on the B3212 on the Post Bridge Road and explained he didn’t know the area very well. On the understanding the car fire was beside the road on the B3212 we proceeded along toward Post Bridge expecting to find the car fire on route. When we arrived at Post Bridge with still no car fire we rang the caller again who was now  unsure if he had been on the B3212 or the Dartmeet Road! He said that when he had got to Two Bridges he hadn’t given way which meant he could only have been on the Dartmeet Road so we did a U turn and proceeded to Dartmeet and still didn’t find a car fire!! By this time control had received further calls about the car fire and had a better location, off the B3212 on the Widecombe road!!! We returned to post Bridge and as we negotiated the narrow lanes were stood down by control as Mortenhampstead appliance had been called to the incident as they were nearer!! We were out for over two hours and never found the fire!!

The important message here is the need to be very clear where the fire is, especially up on the moor. If you don’t know where you are don’t make assumptions tell control where you started and where you were going and any land marks near where the fire is and if possible remain near the fire to direct us when we arrive.


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