Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | July 14, 2014

Fire Call, 13th of July, V58P1, Stand by station 48 Camels Head

Currently we get little feed back from people reading the blog. If you have any questions, suggestions or comments please use the facility below.

At 14:04 on the 13th of July, Yelverton appliance was sent to Station 48 Camels Head for stand by duties. The crew finally closed home station at 15:10.



  1. 1) Are the set criteria for being sent to standby, with a short standby it seems you probably only just arrived at Camels Head before returning home? that assuming you were headed there under normal traffic conditions?

    2) How many appliances does plymouth usually commit before a standby from you are called in?

    • Hi Olie

      Thanks for the questions

      When we go into stand by we sometimes dont even make it as far a Roborough roundabout! We are moved to stand by when the level of appliances available in Plymouth falls below two as stated previously, sometimes an appliance will become availablke shortly after we are mobilized and we will be returned home station. We often hear control asking appliances to put in early informative messages so they know what availability appliances at that call have. At something like the Holiday Inn, we were sent to stand by but mobilized to the Hotel part way in, at other times there is no big shout just several small jobs that have all come in at the same time. These are the times we are sent home before we get there. At the end of the day its better to be safe than sorry so if we are at least heading into the city when they are short if another call comes in at least we are already moving in the right direction.

      Hope that helps.


  2. Hi

    A few questions

    1 does a standby involve blue lights?? If not from experience unless I’m mistaken not much sooner you arrived at crown hill you would of been making your way back to yeleverton

    2 is there any criteria that has to be matched before a standby is sent out?


    • Hi Olie

      Thanks for the questions and sorry for taking so long to get back to you.
      So. in answer to your questions. We don’t go to stand by on blue light unless control request we do, that next to never happens. The criteria required for us to go stand by revolves around the Plymouth stations. The minimum cover in Plymouth is, One of either Plymstock or Plympton available at station and one pump available at greenbank, Crownhill or Camels Head. If the cover goes below this then a sytand by pump is sent to Plymouth.

      Hope that helps.



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