Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | June 12, 2014

Drills, 9th of June, Station meeting,

Currently we get little feed back from people reading the blog. If you have any questions, suggestions or comments please use the facility below.

At drills on the 9th of June we had a station meeting to ensure the preparations for our annual Charity Hog Roast on Friday night.



  1. Thanks for your message, it is the latter that you spoke of. Basically it is will 5 year olds and we are just looking at what you do, water spraying sounds just the thing! Any time this week apart from friday afternoon, although I know it’s short notice so if not just as soon as you can, Thanks

    • Hi Jo

      How about Monday afternoon?

      If its ok I’ll try and get a crew.


    • Sorry, What school is it?


  2. Hi, I am working in the reception class of a local school and we are going to be looking at real heroes. I was wondering if you did any school visits so the children can see the engine and uniform etc. Kind regards.

    • Hi Jo
      We do visit schools, it depends what you want. We have a schools education programme that the whole time stations in Plymouth deliver at all the local schools in our area and the crew at Yelverton attend schools for “What we do” type events. Assuming its the latter, what school would you like us to attend and what day. We try and attend in the afternoons, it means we can spray water and its not too much of an issue if the kids get a bit damp!! Drop me a line and I’ll sort something out.

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