Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | April 22, 2014

Fire Call, 19th of April, V58P1, House Fire. Buckland Monochorum.

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At 07:19 on the 19th of April, appliances from Crownhill, BereAlston and Yelverton were called to a house fire at Buckland Monochorum. Yelverton appliance arrived at the scene first and found an end terrace cottage with smoke issueing. Two crew in BA were sent into the building to locate the fire and extinguish it, they found the fire at the top of the stairs and quickly put it out. As the floor was compromised the crew requested a triple extension ladder to bridge the damaged floor. The residual heat was so great the windows were broken from the outside to allow the heat to escape the building allowing the crews to move more freely. There were no other seats of  fire but the building was very hot and the initial BA crew took a beating and had to withdraw. I’ve included some photos, I’ll put more in the gallery when I get time.















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