Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | November 27, 2013

Fire Call, 27th of November, V58P1 and V58M1, Chimney Fire, Lovaton.

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At 14:01 on the 27th of November, Yelverton appliance with v58M1 were called to a Chimney fire at an address at Lovaton. V58M1 was sent in response to the callers advice that the access to the property was through a narrow lane, more of that later. We sent V58M1 on ahead and the appliance continued at a more sedate pace through the narrow lanes. On arrival the crew in V58M1 quickly identified the fire was located behind the woodburner in the flue “soot box”. Once the appliance arrived at the nearest point to the incident small tools and the thermal imaging camera were used to confirm the location of the fire and access the flue. The fire and debris was evacuated from the flue and the rest of the flue system checked for further fires. It was noted that the register plate had an access to clean the chimney which was also full of clinker although not alight.

On this call the caller did the right thing and notified control there could be issues getting a fire engine to the premises. If you have limited access to your property it is a good thing to remember to tell the emergency service operator when making a 999 call.

The occupier also admitted the chimney was due for a visit from the sweep. The best time to have you chimney swept is just before you start to light it for the autumn or winter period. During the summer birds drop nest making material down the flue which can cause chimney fires and its always nice to start the season confident the chimney is clear. Remember, when using logs you should try to keep them a year before you burn them to let the sap dry out and in the event you are unfortunate enough to have a chimney fire, you can apply water with a dustpan brush to make steam to travel up the chimney and stall the fire. Always be careful not to apply too much water, water expands a thousand fold and if too much is applied it will back up into the room and scald you. Dip the dustpan brush into water and then flick the brush to allow the spray to go onto the fire. This in itself is not sufficient to extinguish the fire only stall it so remember to call the fire brigade regardless.

I have included some photos. The first shows the flue with the soot box at the bottom. Your chimney sweep should clean this out as well as the rest of the chimney.




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