Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | November 26, 2013

Fire Call, 24th of November, V58P1, Chimney Fire, Horrabridge.

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At 22:13 on the 24th of November Yelverton appliance was called to a chimney fire at an address at Horrabridge. On arrival the crew quickly established the incident wasn’t a chimney fire and began investigations to establish exactly what had happened. The occupier had found the kitchen engulfed in a thin cloud of smoke and presumed it was caused by the front room wood burner, on inspection we doubted that explanation but were unable to find any hot spots in the house using the thermal imaging camera. Eventually, after restarting the heating boiler and trying to recreate the circumstances that lead to the smoke issuing, we were unable to generate any smoke at all! The kitchen had a Carbon Monoxide alarm so the boiler was not suspected particularly and we eventually came to the conclusion the smoke had entrained back into the building from the front room woodburner chimney back down the adjacent chimney although we could be by no means sure. as a precaution we recommended the boiler and front room chimney liner be checked before reusing and the installation of a heat alarm in the kitchen.

The caller mentioned they were unsure whether to call us or not when they discovered the smoke in the kitchen. If you find any smoke in your house, the fire services advise is simple. Get out, Get the fire brigade out and Stay out. If for no other reason the peace of mind that its safe to sleep in the house is worth the call on its own.


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