Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | October 20, 2013

Fire Call, 17th of October, V58P1, Stand by Station 26 Kingsbridge.

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At 10:16 on the 17th of October, Yelverton appliance was sent to Station 26 Kingsbridge for stand by duties. When the crew got to Roborough they were returned home station only to be resent at 10:42 back to Kingsbridge. The crew finally closed home station at 13:45



  1. Hi
    All at Yelverton
    Would Kingsbridge now be you record for distance travelled to stand by at another station? being as it would have taken you about 1hr to get there I assume all the stations in the south hams must have been involved in a big job.

    Could I also ask what is meant by a safety jet?
    and how long before your new recruits are issued with pagers and allowed to ride the pump?

    Thank you for you time,
    keep up the good work and be safe.


    • Hi Mark
      I’m not sure if Kingsbridge is the furthest, we went to Hatherleigh I think about two years ago, I’m not sure which is furthest. I’m not sure what the reason for the stand by was although I think I heard something about a home Office exercise to test our resilience.
      A safety jet is the term we now use for what we previously referred to as a covering jet. When attending a house fire we have a 45mm hose and branch charged with water outside the building incase the Breathing Apparatus wearers inside get in difficulty. The term was changed because we use the reference “covering jet” for other circumstances.
      Our new recruits won’t get pagers until they have completed their course based training. Once they are given back to me to prepare for their stage reviews they can go on the run. I normally give them pagers a couple of weeks before hand to get used to them going off and managing to keep them about themselves before they go on the run. The first time they go off they normally have a bit of a flap until they get used to it.

      Hope that helps.


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