Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | September 25, 2013

Drills, 23rd of September, Station meeting and Mobile Data Audit.

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At drills on the 23rd of September we had a station meeting to discuss the issues raised at the area Watch Managers meeting on the 18th of September. Yelverton station has been designated a “Key” station and will be manned during the day Monday – Friday with crew on overtime from other stations if required. This is obviously good for Yelverton during a period of austerity in the Fire Service. We also had a Mobile Data Terminal (MDT)  audit, the MDT is a computer terminal on the appliance that allows us to access information relating to ops procedures, Risk Assessments and Maps. The audit was to check the competency of the crew to use it, randomly selected crew were asked to use the MDT to locate specific information ranging from Site specific Risk Information to Hydrant maps and were scored on a Red, Amber, Green system. Yelverton were scored Green so well done to the crew.


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