Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | August 12, 2013

Fire Call, 10th of August, V58P1, Smell of burning, Derriford Hospital.

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At 14:05 on the 10th of August, Yelverton appliance was sent to station 49 Crownhill for stand by duties. At 14:56 they were mobilised to an Automatic Fire Alarm at an address in Plymouth. En Route they were re-deployed with appliances from Greenbank and Camels Head and the aerial platform from Crownhill to an activated call point at Derriford Hospital. Yelverton arrived at the scene first and established the call point had been activated by a member of staff who had smelt burning. As there was no immediate sign of fire the crew commenced a search of the immediate area where the call point had been activated to try and locate the source of the smell of burning. Eventually the crew found a light fitting that when switched off was far hotter than those around it when viewed through the thermal imaging camera. having identified the source of the problem the crew ensured the light fitting was safe and returned home station.


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