Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | July 19, 2013

Fire Call, V58M1, 18th of July, Fire in the open, Plymbridge woods.

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At 12:57 on the 18th of July V58M1 (Yelverton 4×4) was called to assist 47 Plympton at a small fire in the open at Plymbridge cycle path. The National Park Ranger assisted with locating the fire and the crew used the knap Sack sprayer to extinguish it.

Once again we were called to a small fire difficult to access. These fires tie up crews for long periods stretching resources at a time when the service is having to tighten its belt. Remember, if you’re out and about be careful how you dispose of cigarettes, barbecues and anything else that has potential to start fires.



  1. You are going to wear that appliance out at this rate.

    • hi Colin
      I suspect i’d be a rich man if we could have enough calls to wear it out but I’m game to have a go!

      It has been busy and thats good for the station, it keeps everyones morale up.


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