Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | June 11, 2013

Fire Call, 10th of June, Unexploded ordnance, Horrabridge.

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At 21:38 on the 10th of June, Yelverton appliance was called to an unknown item at Horrabridge. On arrival the crew discovered this incident had started at around 8 o’clock that morning when a member of the public had been injured when cleaning up some artefacts he had found out on the moor. Toward the late evening he had spoken to the staff at the hospital and told them he had more of the same items in his shed where he had been injured, they informed the Police and the Fire Service. As we had no idea what the items were or their capacity to cause damage we took the precaution of requesting the assistance of a specialist outside agency and, with the assistance of the Police, cordoned off the area and evacuated the residents that were nearest the shed. When the specialist agency arrived, they quickly indentified the artifacts as unexploded WW2 initiators (Similar to detonators but not as powerful) and gathered them up and took them away for distruction.

Remember, during the last war the moors were used for live round firing and artillery practice. There are still live rounds and Artillery shells on the moors that after this length of time could be unstable. Do not pick up anything that resembles ordnance of any kind, leave it where you found it and call the police, they will arrange the attendance of specialist agencies to deal with it..

Sorry no pictures.


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