Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | May 30, 2013

Fire Call, 29th of May, Animal Rescue, Burrator Reservoir

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At 14:12 on the 29th of May, appliances from Camels Head and Yelverton were called to a trapped Dartmoor pony at Burrator Reservoir. Yelverton arrived at the scene first closely followed by the line rescue team from Camels Head. The pony had got entangled in a barbed wire fence and had clearly been there for some time. Crews used wire cutters to release the animal which appeared to be relatively unscathed.

The pony was lucky, a couple walking past noticed the pony and thought how tame it was but carried on. They then felt something must be wrong so returned to the pony and saw the barbed wire and called it in! The Pony was so tired it had stopped stuggling and would have appeared tame.

Sorry no photos.


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