Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | May 1, 2013

Fire Call, 29th of April, Car Fire, B3212 Dousland

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At 15:15 on the 29th of April, Yelverton appliance was called to a car fire at the lay by near the Well Town junction on the B3212. On arrival the crew found a 4×4 vehicle well alight with the owner stood near by. The crew used two high pressure hosereels to extinguish the blaze. The owner said he had been driving to Princetown when smoke started issuing from under the dash. He pulled over and called the fire brigade but was surprised at how quickly the vehicle fire escalated. No photos, we still haven’t got the camera back.



  1. hi fred

    thank you very much

    it is quite interesting to read that this can occur in vehicles

    and also your blog is a fantastic source of information I am not using it for anything other than personal interest however, I feel it is useful as I wish to pursue a chance in the future to become retained myself
    hoping to apply in October so thank you


    • Hi Shaun

      Thanks for the comment. Good luck with your application to join the retained.


  2. hello yelverton I would just like to ask in regards to vehicle fires quite recently on my way to Plymouth I was caught up in traffic because of a van fire which was dealt with, however, on my return obviously on the opposite side of the dual carriageway I noticed the same van re-engulfed in flames.

    therefore I am just wondering out of curiosity what may have caused it to reignite

    many thanks

    shaun minto
    P.S. this is the incident details put on

    It does not mention anything about the van reigniting about 45 mins later so was just interested

    • Hi Shaun

      i spoke to the Ivybridge crew and it would appear the vehicle involved was a refridgerated vehicle. The attendance at the first fire were unaware the fire had spread into the insulation and after extinguishing the main fire put a stop message back. Sometime later, the fire broke out of the insulation and quickly developed into a full blown van fire again. When fire gets into the insulation its difficult to access and may only be a small area of fire and hence pass unnoticed. Once the fire breaks out into the open and gets air it will develop quickly and soon involve the whole vehicle again.
      Hope that helps.


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