Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | March 19, 2013

Fire Call, Automatic Fire Alarm, The Garden House, Buckland Monochorum

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At 21:15 on the 17th of March, appliances from Bere Alston and Yelverton were called to an automatic Fire Alarm at the Garden House, Buckland Monochorum. Yelverton arrived at the scene first and found an Automatic Fire Alarm sounding with the additional information identifying the roof void as the “fire Zone”. The occupier silenced the alarm and a quick investigation of the roof void revealed no sign of fire. We checked thoroughly with the thermal imaging camera to be on the safe side and all seemed as it should. Whilst investigating the possibility of a fire the crew noticed the water pipes seemed to be flowing constantly. A chat with the occupier soon identified they had issues with the boiler earlier in the day and the suspicion was the water constantly filling the header tank was splashing the alarm cable. We isolated the water supply to the central heating and the water stop running, the occupier reset the alarm and all reset no problem. That just left me to supply a hand over form advising the occupier to have the boiler and header tank checked before restarting it.

The occupier in this instance did everything needed. On our arrival they were out of the building and the alarm was still activating. They knew where the affected zone was and were able to descibe how to get there. Because they hadn’t tried to reset the alarm it confirmed the same inforation they had given us. Remember if you have an automatic Fire Alarm that activates and you call the fire brigade, don’t reset it until you have spoken to us first. Most alarms have the facility to silence the alarm without resetting it which preserves the information on the system.


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