Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | February 20, 2013

Drills, 18th of February, RTC drill in station yard.

At drills on the 18th of February we had an RTC drill in the yard. The vehicle was on its side and we practised stabilizing the vehicle without stabfast equipment. We then did a flap down which involves cutting the door pillars along the higher side of the vehicle, cutting the windscreen and then pulling the roof down to floor level. Clearly this would have been much easier to explain if I had taken pictures but as usual I forgot. We then had a ‘what if’ session, looking at options if a roof flap wasn’t viable. Traditionally we would look at either cutting out the windscreen or using the tailgate but on this occasion we tried using the reciprocal saw as a can opener. We used our Hooligan bar to make a hole in the roof and then used the reciprocal saw to cut three sides of a square and then flapped it down. We avoided the area immediately behind the windsceen as this is strengthened and has interior lights and sun visors  and were pleasanly surprised at how effective it was! Unfortunately again I didn’t get a photo on the night, but I took one today when the vehicle has been uprighted. All techniques have advantages and drawbacks as this method does but it took less than half the time to do and didn’t involve breaking any glass. There are always different ways of releasing someone from a car, they all work but are dependant on the state of the car and the casualty as to which is the best for that occasion.



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