Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | February 9, 2013

Fire Call, 9th of February, RTC persons reported, Dousland Road, Yelverton.

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At 03:40!! on the 9th of February, appliances from Yelverton, Crownhill and Tavistock were called to an RTC persons reported effectively right outside Yelverton Fire Station!! On arrival the crew found an RTC involving one vehicle that had crashed into the Piano Shop, damaging the domestic gas main into the building. The Paramedics had removed the casualty from the vehicle due to the added risk of explosion from the leaking gas. The fire crews created a 200m cordon and prepared for worse case scenario with two Breathing Apparatus and an extended high pressure hosereel stood by ready to use in the event the gas exploded. The Gas Board arrived and quickly shut off the gas which had fortunately been damaged on the domestic side not the mains side of the Meter. Crews then made the vehicle safe before leaving the incident in the hands of the Gas Board. Sorry no photos.




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