Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | February 3, 2013

Fire Call, Building Fire, Collaton Lane, Tavistock, Make pumps five.

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At 02:04 on the 3rd of February, Yelverton appliance was called to a building fire at Collaton Lane, Tavistock as part of the “make up, make pumps five” . On arrival Yelverton crew were tasked to assist Tavistock crew recover two Acetylene cyliders before they became involved in the fire. The BA crews were unable to remove the cylinders through the door so entry was made through a roller shutter door using a “Tilly Handler” or Fork Lift. BA crews quickly recovered one of the Acetylene cylinders before we lost water and, as the remaining cylinder became involved in the fire, were forced to withdraw to a safe distance. Logistically farms are always a difficult venue as they normally only have one single lane access road with no turning area. The Bowser attend and water was made available but the primary fire fighting media used once crews were withdrawn was CAFS. CAFS is a foam like application which on this occasion was used to cover property and vehicles from an unmanned monitor to prevent fire spread.

Acetylene is a particularly hazardous material to deal with in a fire situation. The only thing you can say about its behaviour after exposure to impact or heat with any confidence is, it is totally unpredictable. Cylinders involved in a fire can explode up to 24 hours after being removed from the heat, The ops procedure dictates a cordon and twenty four hours of monitoring and or cooling before making any discisions about its explosive state.

I am in the process of getting some photos, as usual we were all so busy no one took any!

I’ve got two photos from the Princetown Crew, one shows the foam made by CAFS which appears to resemble snow, the other the front of the barn just before the Acetylene cylinder became involved in the Fire.




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