Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | January 30, 2013

Fire Call, 30th of January, Automatic Fire Alarm, Leg O’Mutton

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At 10:01 on the 30th of January, Yelverton appliance was called to an Automatic Fire Alarm at a flat complex at Leg O’Mutton. On arrival the crew quickly established there was no immediate sign of fire and used the thermal imaging camera to check the premises. The person responsible for the premises had silenced the alarm at some time in the early morning and left it silenced and not reset util around  ten O’clock when a member of staff was sent to reset it. The employee had to contact the alarm company to get directions to reset the alarm, and when reset it immediately went off again. The monitoring company, who had no idea of the goings on at the premises tried to contact the effected flat and when they couldn’t raise anyone, put the fire call in. By the time we arrived the employee had, on instruction from the alarm company, cleaned the affected smoke detector and reset the alarm!

If you have a fire alarm system there are some simple rules that always apply.

1. Only silence an alarm if you can’t find any fire.

2. Don’t reset the alarm if the fire Service are called, it helps us identify the area to check.

3. If you’ve silenced the alarm and you are sure there is no fire and the fire brigade has not been called you must reset the alarm. If you don’t the alarm is effectively off and you have no protection.

Most importantly learn how to operate your alarm before it activates, trying to read instructions while the alarm is sounding is difficult. Learn how to silence and reset the alarm and keep an idiot guide to hand for when it goes off.


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