Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | January 21, 2013

Fire Call, 16th of January, Garage Fire, North Hill, Plymouth.

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At 23:04 on the 16th of January, Yelverton appliance returned to stand by duties at Crownhill Fire Station having just returned from a call at Derriford Hospital. At 23:48, the appliance was called to “make pumps five” at a garage fire at North Hill, Plymouth. On arrival Yelverton crew were involved in attacking the fire, preparing CAFS lines and generally helping out on the fire ground. The fire escalated rapidly and was complicated by the involvement of Acetylene cylinders. The crew had to be decontaminated due to the involvement of an asbestos roof which meant our fire kit was sent from the incident for specialist cleaning. The incident went to ten or twelve appliances before the fire was brought under control. We finally closed home station at 03:58. I am still trying to locate some pictures of the fire, if you have any please send them in to me at fred, we were unable to take any ourselves because were were so busy. If you can tolerate a bit of profanity follow the link to you tube and a 26 minute film of the fire made by a resident whose flat backed onto the garage.


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