Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | January 12, 2013

Fire Call, 5th of January, Chimney Fire, Milton Coombe

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At 20:29 on the 5th of January, Yelverton appliance was called to a chimney fire at Milton Coombe. On arrival the crew found a chimney fire that appeared to have gone out! The fire was still in the grate but the fire in the chimney appeared to have burnt out. The crew extinguished the fire in the grate and used the chimney rods with the sprinkler head and the thermal imaging camera to confirm the chimney fire had gone out and advised the occupier not to relight the fire until the chimney had been swept. Just because the fire in the chimney appears to have gone out does not mean it won’t reignite or confirm it hasn’t broached the liner and continued else where. To avoid having a chimney fire make sure you have your chimney swept regularly and only burn seasoned wood. If you have a chimney fire you can slow its progress by using a brush from a dust pan and brush set to sprinkle water on to the fire in the grate, however, remember water expands 1000 fold when it turns to steam and if you apply water directly to the fire in the grate you could get seriously scalded by the steam



  1. Happy New Year to you all at Yelverton Fire Station.

    Wow what a busy day 22nd December was 12 hours from 1st shout to closing home station, is that some kind of record!! and I don’t suppose you venture as far as Ivybridge too often!

    As usual your Station news makes interseting reading, it shows how much the people of Devon rely on the good will of the families and employers of retained fire fighters, and we should all be grateful for your commitment and time.

    If Plympton and Plymstock become retained as proposed will that affect you at Yelverton??

    Keep up the good work.
    All the best for 2013 and take care
    Mark Hannah

    • Hi Mark, Happy New Year to you too,
      Yes the 22nd was really busy, unfortunately that was the day my leave started so I missed all the action. The chief has been careful and not got rid of any pumps or stations but he has made both Plymstock, Plympton and the second pump from Camels Head retained, the latter will be based at Crownhill as a second pump. This has had a massive impact on the wholetime Fire Fighters. It means that 96 wholetime posts will be lost in Plymouth, some of those posts are vacant or have been temporarily filled with short contract employees which will reduce the impact but there are still going to be a lot of Fire Fighters that will not be “riding” fire fighters. No one will be made redundant but it is still a massive change to the workforce. As for Yelverton the changes don’t impact on us particularly at thye momment. Their are still seven appliances in Plymouth albeit three are now retained so we will not be going to stand by any more or less. The concern is the changes that have yet to be implimented. The changes that will be driven by further reductions to the government budget. how this will effect us I don’t know but I think all stations retained or wholetime will feel the pinch sooner or later.


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