Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | December 12, 2012

Fire call, 11th of December, House Fire, Horrabridge.

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At 21:34 on the 11th of December, Yelverton appliance was called to a vehicle fire at an address in Horrabridge. On arrival the crew found a van well alight parked in front of a house, the fire had spread to the roof of the house. The Officer in Charge made pumps four and used what water was available to slow the spread of the fire. Both Tavistock appliances arrived and supplimented the water supply and efforts were made to get water from a hydrant. Unfortunately the hydrant supply was not very good so the Officer in Charge made up for the bowser from Plympton. Eventually the fire was extinguished around 02:30 in the morning. The next day Yelverton crew revisited the premises to check for hot spots and had to make up for the turn table ladder to check the dormer window. Appliances from Tavistock, Bere Alston and Crownhill and specialist Command Support, Turntable platform and Salvage support vehicles also attended supporting the Yelverton appliance. This is a dreadful event at any time of the year but especially bad at Christmas and our thoughts are with the residents of the property who have lost so much, thankfully there was no loss of life. I have included some photos, more in the gallery. Just received some photos taken on the night by a neighbour, I’ve included one and put the rest in the gallery.







  1. We are the neighbours who called 999. The fire crews did a fantastic job here. What impressed us all was the effort and care they took with their breathing apparatus on to recover as many personal belongings as possible – picture frames, photographs, passports, mobile phones, computers and clothing. Recognition must also be given to the Red Cross volunteers who counselled and comforted the family, as well as providing emergency clothes and toiletries. It is so reassuring to know we have these amazing professionals on call 24 hours a day!

    • Hi Jeff, Thanks for the comment and thanks for the photos. I haven’t seen them yet but I hope to add them to the gallery tonight.
      W.M. Fred Glanville

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