Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | November 16, 2012

Fire Call, 14th of November, Sydenham House Fire, Lewdown.

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At 16:24 on the 14th of November, Yelverton appliance was sent to Station 57 Tavistock for stand by duties, En Route they were sent to “make pumps eight, Sydenham House, Lewdown”, the job eventually went to “make pumps 15”, on arrival the crew found a large Manor House well alight. The crew were used to “make water” from a large pond and manned branches (Hoses) used to extinguish the fire from the outside of the building. The crew finally closed home station at around 23:05. In the morning the crew were called back to the incident as a relief crew and spent the day digging out hot spots, salvaging property from the building and using CAFS (Foam) to fill the roof space to extinguish hot spots. They finally returned home station at 17:20!! a very busy 24 hours. I have included a couple of photos with more in the gallery.



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