Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | October 17, 2012

Fire Call, 17th of October, Car Fire, Meavy to Dousland Road.

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At 14:47 on the 17th of October, Yelverton appliance was called to a car fire on the Meavy to Dousland Rd. On arrival the crew found a vehicle that had obviously had some sort of episode but was however, not on fire and the driver who explained the vehicle had started to issue large quantities of sm0ke from the bonnet. We took a close look at the vehicle but we were unable to establish what had caused the smoke and we left the vehicle in the hands of the owner who was arranging for a local garage to come and sort it out. You may think the driver acted in haste but you would be wrong. If your vehicle starts to issue large quantities of smoke from the engine bay, get out of the car, call the fire brigade and stay away from the car. If you open the bonnet you could get hurt if the fire flashes over and you will also allow the air to get to the fire, which fuels it and increases the fire spread.  Sorry no photos.



  1. ref, The car fire 17th oct Meavy, While driving to Meavy on the school run the warning light came on, the radio went off then all the warning lights came on, My wife pulled over to the side of the road in a clear area, As noise was coming from the engine compartment like a loud lawnmower engine, she turned the engine off, Copious amounts of white smoke came out from under the bonnet which is when she called out the Fire Brigade.
    The Fire which was contained and isolated to the starter motor ( new four weeks ago) luckily snuffed its self out due to no nearby secondary fuel source which is why no fire was obvious on arrival of brigade,
    The car was back running within 20 hours due to the prompt response of Crapstone Garage replacing the starter motor under guarantee.
    Thank you to all who helped,
    Also I would like to thank the Lady from Okehampton (sorry did not get your name) who stopped to help my wife before the Fire Brigade arrived.

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