Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | October 14, 2012

Fire Call, 13th of October, Flat Fire, Marlborough House, Plymouth.

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At 22:42 on the 13th of October, Yelverton appliance was sent to Station 49 Crownhill for stand by duties. At 23:27, with appliances from  Greenbank, a Saltash Appliance on stand by duties at Camels Head and the VEMA Platform ladder from Crownhill, Yelverton appliance was called to a report of smoke issuing from a flat at Marlborough House Flats, Devonport. Greenbank arrived at the scene first and quickly established the fire was out prior to their arrival. Yelverton appliance was quickly made available and returned to Crownhill to continue for stand by duties. Crownhill appliance was incidentally at a high rise incident else where in the city. Yelverton appliance finally closed home station at 00:48. I have included a photo.



  1. Thanks for the prompt reply to my question.

    All the best to you all at Yelverton

  2. Hi All at Yelverton
    As usual your blog makes very interesting reading, your shouts and training is very varied at yelverton and your station is a fine example of how much we in Devon rely on the good will and commitment of retained firefighters.

    Could I ask why you have to cover at stations in Plymouth instead of plympton ( which is a low demand station ) moving in to cover the city station, there has been talk of Plymton going to retained/daytime manning for a number of years and if there was then a call to Plympton Ivybridge/Plymstock could cover.

    Thank you and take care


    • Hi Mark

      Thanks for the comment.
      Usually we go to stand by duties in Plymouth when the cover inCity is reduced due to a large incident or two or more smaller incidents occuring at the same time. Generally that involves Plympton crews at one of the incidents. If they are not at an incident they may cover a larger area from their home station while cover is short or move into the city if required. We are moved to stand by duties as a last resort because it costs to put a retained pump on stand by at a whole time station. In the current financial climate control will always move a whole time pump to stand by and exhaust all other solutions before calling a retained pump in. As for plympton changing to retained or anything else unfortunately I don’t know. The chief is expecting a reduction in our funding this year and I’ve no doubt he has contingency plans prepared dependant on the size of the cuts, but at present there are no plans for any changes to Plympton or anywhere else. Hope that answers your question.



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