Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | October 7, 2012

Fire Call, 6th of October, “Running Call” RTC Possible persons, A386, Yelverton.

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At 13:10 on the 6th of October, Yelverton crew were alerted to an incident by a member of the public while we were at our Bi annual fund raising car wash. He reported an RTC  on the Yelverton to Plymouth road and was unsure if there were any persons trapped. We notified Fire Control and proceeded to the incident. On arrival we found two cars involved in an RTC, four casualties one of which was still in his car and trapped by his injuries. We made pumps two and three ambulances and set about holding the fort until the cavalry arrived. A passing off duty paramedic was already dealing with the trapped gentleman and passing first aiders assited with the casualties until the paramedics arrived. Those members of the public unable to assist with first aid helped control the traffic until the Police arrived. Once the paramedics arrived we discussed options to extracate the casualty, as the drivers door was blocked by a tree we agreed on removing the roof and spine boarding him out. Our main concern during the extracation were the air bags. They had failed to go off during the accident and now, as we were unable to disconnect the battery were a potential hazard to those people working in the car. As a precaution we ensured everyone in the car had full PPE and advised them to stay clear of the air bag area. Plympton appliance arrived and both crews set about cutting the roof off and assisted the paramedics get the casualty on the spineboard and lift him out of the car.

I was really impressed with the people who helped out whether that was with first aid or directing traffic, they all pitched in to help out as best they could, so a big thank you to all of them. I have included some photos.


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