Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | September 29, 2012

Fire Call, 29th of September, Fire in the open, Harrowbeer Lane.

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At 14:14 on the 29th of September, Yelverton appliance was called to a fire in the open at harrowbeer Lane. On arrival the crew found a bonfire in a back garden that was being controlled correctly. The crew left the bonfire in the hands of the occupier and took no fire fighting action. Sorry no photos.



  1. i have applied for one at torquay but the open evening is not until the 21st of novemeber, but any advice you could give would be greatly aprreciated thanks

    • Hi Shaun

      The most important things will be what cover you can provide, day cover is preferred, How fit you are and whether you can pass the entrance exam. You should be given a recruits pack that has a copy of an exam paper, do the paper in the time allotted and see how you scored. Any questions you get wrong learn how to pass them and you should have a good chance of passing the exam.

      Good Luck


      • hi Fred
        I would say i am fit i passed the RAF fire service fitness tests but failed due to how many applicants for limited jobs
        also day cover is exactly what im looking to provide as i intend to study at night school
        but i will just have to wait and see
        i have had no problems with confined spaces and working at heights as i have applied to multiple wholetime recruitment campaigns across the uk including dundee, and have passed all the fitness test to date

        thanks shaun

  2. hi there fred does your camera you use have film capability?
    if so is there any chance when you are en route to any call out you could film a little? i am working on a student film which i will give full recognition to yourself.
    i would not ask for anything of the incident as i understand some scenes can be quite distressing

    thanks shaun

    • Hi Shaun, sorry I’ve taken so long to get back to you. Unfortunately I don’t think we will be able to help out with the film. En Route I have to brief the crew as best I can and make sure the driver knows where we are going. Its very rare we have time to do anything else hence most photos are taken when the job is done.


      • no worries thank you fred

        i have infact applied for retained at my local station so im actually going to prepare for that and just see where things go for me


      • Hi Shaun
        Good luck with your application.

        Where have you applied for?


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