Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | September 17, 2012

Fire Call, 16th of September, Cooker fire, Tavistock.

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At 20:03 on the 16th of September, appliances from Princetown and Yelverton were called to a cooker fire at a sheltered accomodation address in Tavistock. Yelverton appliance arrived at the scene first and found a cooker which had the grill left on causing it to “smeach”. The occupier had already turned the cooker off but the flat had a light fogging of smoke. Yelverton crew used our positive presasure ventilation to clear the smoke and issued a hand over form recommending the occupier have his smoke alarm checked as it had stopped alarming even though the flat was smoke logged.

Tavistock crews were unavailable to attend this incident, they were receiving “defusing”  after attending an RTC. Sorry no photos


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